Over the past decade, research in theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, and microeconomics has joined forces to tackle problems involving incentives and computation. These problems are of particular importance in application areas like the Web and the Internet that involve large and diverse populations. The Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE, formerly Workshop on Internet & Network Economics) is an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and results on incentives and computation arising from these various fields. Invited speakers of previous WINEs include not only many famous theorists from prestigious universities in the world, such as the winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Kenneth J. Arrow, but also top researchers from many big business, such as Microsoft Research, Yahoo! Research, IBM Research, Google Inc., ebay Research Labs and so on. Participants of WINEs come from universities and industries as well.

The keynote speaker of WINE2014 includes the winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2005, Robert John Aumann, a professor at the Center for the Study of Rationality in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. WINE2014 is organized jointly by Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) within Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University (THU). AMSS is a national comprehensive academic research center of mathematics and systems science and THU is one of most renowned universities in China.The venue of WINE2014 is at the new building of AMSS located at Beijing that is the centre of cultural and business activities in China and an amazing mix of old and new.

•   Co-chairs of Program Committee

     Yinyu Ye (Stanford), Tie-Yan Liu (MSRA), Qi Qi (HKUST) 

•   Co-chairs of Local Organization Committee

    Xiaodong Hu (AMSS), Jian Chen (THU)

•   Chair of Tutorial Committee

    Paul Spirakis (Univ. of Patras) – To be Confirmed

•   Chair of Sponsorship Committee

   Dou Shen (Baidu) 

•   Co-Chairs of Publicity Committee

     Xiaoguang Yang (AMSS), Benfu Lv (UCAS)



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